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Gifted and Talented
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What is a Gifted and Talented student

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Curriculum Support- the Policy & support documents:

The Gerric Modules (on the Aust Gov. DEST site):
(easier way is to go to: and put ‘gifted education’ into Search box)

Victorian site – great way to access modules & resources

WA Dept ED Checklists for Identification (easy to download

Talent Ed

Curriculum Differentiation: A site by ASCD (2000). which discusses differentiated instruction
This site is from an education course by Dr. John Durkin. It includes a diagram with suggestions for approaches to differentiated instruction. It also includes a listing of what differentiated instruction is and is not, rules of thumb on how to instruct, and management strategies. Theroux, P. (2001). Enhance Learning with Technology. Differential Instruction. Theroux provides a thorough site on differential instruction for a Canadian school district. Provides links to teacher attitudes, learning strategies, teacher resources, integrating technology, integrating outcomes, exploring projects, sample lesson plans*, planning projects, thinking skills, developing Web pages, assessing, and tutorials. Instruction: Sources of Information Differentiating Instruction (accessed 1 April 2004) Elements Integrated into Curricula

Partners in Enrichment: Preparing teachers for multiple classrooms (accessed 1 April 2004)

Selected ERIC Abstracts on Differentiated Instruction (accessed 1 April 2004)

Differentiated Curriculum Information on The Learning Place contains definition, guidelines, frameworks and proformas for differentiated units as well as a range of practical strategies.

Tomlinson, C.A., (1995). Differentiating instruction for advanced learners in the mixed-ability middle school classroom. ERIC Digest E536.

Differentiated Units