Visual Arts


Above is the resource portal for Visual Arts at HHHS. It consists of resources that follow the scope and sequence used at HHHS for Visual Art.

Web subject resource
Each page has web links

Wikis for Senior students

Above is an example of a Wiki used as a learning portal. The students and teacher used the Wiki through out the preliminary HSC program.

Above is the Wiki used after the above preliminary HSC

Wikis for Junior students

The below Wiki was used as a resource to teach stage 4 and 5 Visual Arts

Drawing is a Wiki that is gathering all digital resources about drawing

Street Art is a Wiki that looks at art works created for urban spaces

Juxtapoz is an organisation that creates books and journals about many areas of Visual Art. This Wiki is about the artists in the book avalible in the library

NEW MEDIA Wiki is showcasing some of the most prominate New Media artists

Semiotics is a Wiki created for teachers interested at how visual signs and symbols are interpreted.

Below is a Wiki that has resources from the photography text used for stage 6